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If you’ve ever wanted to breathe life back into your hair between appointments, we have probably recommended a hair glaze. Hair glazes are a type of demi-permanent hair color that help to refresh, tone, and enhance your color. Wondering what demi-permanent means? Basically, it means that the color will gradually fade over time. The reason this happens is that the hair color molecules only coat the strands of the hair rather than dive deep into the hair’s cuticle. By laying on top of the strand, the hair remains soft, shiny and smooth. Rather than having to commit to permanent dye, or apply harsh chemicals to the hair a glaze adds shine, tames frizz, and adds pigment to the hair in a simple service applied at the shampoo bowl. Results last for 4-6 weeks.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should consider adding a glaze service to your next appointment:


Glazes offer a quick, affordable color boost to clients between major color appointments. Tone down brassy highlights, refresh past chemical services or enhance your natural color. Make color last longer between appointments, (and get a blowout in the process), by coming in specifically for a glaze service!


It is no-commitment change. A great thing about it is there’s no commitment, and it is going to fade on its own (within six weeks).  Moreover, if you want to change your hair, it does not interfere with any type of chemical service you want to do in the future. You also do not have to change your natural hair color to benefit from a glaze service, try a clear glaze which is essentially a powerful conditioning treatment!


Take care of your damaged hair by adding hair glaze to your regularly scheduled salon services. Hair glaze provides conditioning treatment to dull and damaged hair. Glaze will deep condition your hair for ultimate softness and shine, help tame flyaways and leave you feeling silky smooth!


With lack of volume being our number 1 complaint in the chair, consider a glaze as they aid in temporarily thickening the hair strand! Glaze, in conjunction with the right styling products, can help create the volume and texture you desire. For hair that goes flat, glazing adds enough body to help hair hold its style.


Shiny, smooth hair gets that way when its cuticle, the outermost layer of tiny, overlapping protein plates, lies flat. A glazing treatment acts like a clear top coat, smoothing the microscopic imperfections on each shaft and letting your hair shine like it was meant to! If you’re prone to tangles, frizz or limp hair, a glaze may help. Smooth hair cuticles can’t tangle or become fuzzy as easily, so your hair becomes silky and easy to manage.




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