Our Product Brands

Discover the secret behind our exceptional results. We offer a diverse range of high performance products crafted to meet the unique needs of our clientele.

Following the same philosophy as skincare, KEVIN.MURPHY products are crafted to be weightless yet powerful, offering performance, strength, and longevity. By merging advanced scientific knowledge with the finest natural ingredients,

KEVIN.MURPHY products empower you to achieve high-fashion runway looks, whether at the salon or in the comfort of your home—all while prioritizing environmental kindness. Elevated by the best that nature has to offer, the KEVIN.MURPHY collection, including shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products, is a luxurious blend of high fashion and naturally beautiful, beneficial ingredients.

Wella, a leader in professional hair color for over 140 years, offers an expert color line designed for creative expression.  The Ultra precision color technology ensures pure, balanced color with natural depth and shine, providing up to 100% grey coverage.

Featuring Metal Purifier, Wella’s formula prevents hair damage caused by metals, offering ultra-precise results without the need for pre-treatment. Dermatologically tested and vegan, Wella is globally committed to no animal testing and boasts up to 85% naturally derived ingredients. We trust Wella for innovative color solutions that prioritize performance, health, and ethical considerations.

Davines is a family-owned, international haircare brand focused on beauty, ethics, and sustainability. Taking inspiration from nature, Davines designs products to benefit more than just hair. They believe that sustainable beauty can improve our lives, and the world around us.

Through their multiple product lines, they encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment, and the things they love. Their ‘Essential Haircare’ products, and multi-line model creates customized haircare that targets specific needs. Their specialized product lines each meet specific functions: nourishment, hydration, volume, shine, protection, elasticity, smoothness, and daily care.